CHEW Animal Clinic is searching for a LEAD Veterinarian in Dallas, TX

— We are looking for someone who is passionate about rescue animals, and has the knowledge and drive to run the clinical side of CHEW.
— CHEW is not your typical nonprofit clinic; offering a variety of services, by appointment only.
Digital xray, dental, boarding, isolation, grooming, training to name a few services.
— CHEW Animal Clinic is dedicated to ending the animal overpopulation and senseless euthanasia.
— CHEW’s outreach programs support rural shelters and educate the community on the importance of vaccinating and sterilizing companion animals.
— CHEW is offering a competitive salary, sign-on bonus and CE allowance!
— To learn more, please email us at: [email protected]

Animals in our shelters are being moved to the “Red List,” otherwise known as the “Euthanasia List,” every day. Young, healthy, loving animals that are senselessly being killed simply because there is no more space. Shelters fill to capacity daily with an increasing number of abandoned pets and strays that have been picked up by animal control officers. This is no longer only a problem, it is an epidemic. Hundreds of rescues work daily to help these innocent animals, however, due to the increasing cost in veterinary care, they are often forced to stop their intake. In addition, many families are unable to afford basic veterinary care, sterilization, and emergency care for their companion animal(s). After careful planning and collaboration with other rescues and shelters to determine current and future needs, we have secured a building that will soon be home to CHEW Animal Clinic. CHEW will not only service the rescues who work daily to save these innocent animals, but also provide veterinary care to families who cannot afford the increasing veterinary costs. In addition, CHEW will have outreach programs to the many rural shelters with little to no exposure, some of the highest euthanasia rates in the Nation. Finally, we will focus on bringing awareness to the overpopulation in our state and help prevent senseless euthanasia. With an adjoining .7 acres behind the clinic, we will hold community gatherings, which in turn, will bring additional awareness to our cause.

A centrally-located building has been secured (Walnut Hill & Greenville Avenue) and construction is already underway! Due to the condition of the building, everything from the floor to the roof will have to be replaced. Office supplies, veterinary equipment, and medicine is needed prior to opening our doors. In addition, we will need to hire two Veterinary Technicians, an administrative staff, and a full-time Veterinarian.

Donating to our cause is the best way to ensure this much-needed clinic opens successfully. We are also looking for corporate sponsorships. If you are interested, we are available to meet you on-site, provide architectural plans, and/or answer any questions you have about this project. Please contact us for more information.